42% increase in AIF's investment

As of Jun 2022 ,AIF’s raised Rs 6.94 lakh crore ,Of this Rs 3,38,989 or 40% of the commitments raised amount, AIF’s have staggered capital drawdown plan and do not need committed capital upfront.Among three categories ,Category-2 AIF investment commitments stood at 5,61,919.86 as of Jun 2022 which is a increase of 43% when compared to Jun 2021,.The funds raised also increased identically.The total funds raised stood at 2,40,311.96 a 28% increase YoY .

Among all Categories of AIF,AIF-2 investments stood highest even with both Category 1 and Category 3 combined are no way near  the funds raised  in Category -2 AIF’s.Category 2 AIF’s stand highest  with 80% of AIF assets under this .

In case of category 1 AIF’s, of the 58,120 cr commitments,  55% or 32,413 cr were raised,and 79% of funds or 25,782 cr are invested.

In case of category 2 AIF’s,of the 5.61 lakh cr commitment ,42% or 2.40 lakh cr were raised and 91% of the funds or 2.20 lakh cr are invested

In case of category 3 AIF’s,,of the 74,480 cr,88% or 66,264 cr were raised and 98.33 of the funds or 65154 cr have been invested

Of the three categories category 3 raised highest percentage of commitments and also invested highest with 98% of fund invested,Category 3 invests in listed space while category 1 and category 2 invest in unlisted and have more investment oppurtunities.

Among all Category 2 AIF’s have been popular and most investments are made into them

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