How to organise your income?


How often do you question yourself before making any purchase, it may be anything from a house to spending at a 5-star restaurant, you often ask can you really afford it?

This reading gives you a insight into dividing your spendable income and also investing a part of it for the future


Buying a car:

The ground rule of buying a car on a loan/EMI is value of the car should not exceed or may be lower than 50% of your taxed income.

If you have a monthly income of 12,00,000 you can buy a car of value almost 6 lakhs.

Buying a house/any property:

The amount of EMI installments you pay must not exceed 50% of your monthly income, in this way you can be secure.

This grounds rules on making any substantial purchases that could take a long time to repay must need, every person has their own needs according to his/her lifestyle. But simply follow the 50/30/20 rule,50% is for your needs ,30% is for your personal expenses,20% is savings/loan.


Needs may include anything from rent, utility bills, education fees, fuel, groceries.

Personal expenses include dining out, membership fees, subscription fees, shopping etc. Everything non-essential but you need them in your life.

Allocating 20% of your income is a good way to start saving, in situations where you own a home/car you may not need to spend so much of your income on needs, instead you spend on EMI’s.This 20% can be either be saved or used on your EMI’s,but ensure you save atleast 15% income on regular basis.

Every person has various incomes, various spending levels, but by following this simple rules you can live your life without any burdens of heavy Emi’s, taunting you.


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