India's AIF industry 7x in 5 Years

India’s AIF industry has rised 7 times from 1.4 lakh crores in 2017 end to 6.94 lakh crores as of  June 2022 an increase of near 700% in commitments raised,Category 2 AIF’s have seen the highest rise in the years ,they manage the highest percentage of assets.

Category 1 saw a rise of 160% in commitments raised,funds raised saw a rise of 289%,though funds raised/commitments raised remains mostly unchanged.

Category 2 saw a rise of 867% in commitments raised,the highest among all categories of AIF’s,category 2 AIF’s occupies a huge chunk of total investments made in AIF

Category 3 saw a rise of 500% in commitments raised,but occupies a low percentage of investments overall.

Though the ratios remain same,the size of the funds have drastically increased throughout

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