Millenial Investing


Millennials are the generation born between 1980 and 1996, they are the first generation of people born into a digital world, technology has been a part of their everyday life since they were born.

More than 80% of the millennials are looking towards investing in alternate assets like real estate, commodities etc. Only 25% of the funds are invested in stock market when compared to 55% of the older generation.

They are more interested in owning digital assets,which offer best of the both worlds,owning assets with zero hassle of physical inspection and maintenance,crypto currency has been a popular investment choice with 47% of millennials already into crypto market,more and more of them are hiring a financial planner for there investments.When it comes to investing millennials like to have a physical environment who can advise and help them save up.

Given their love for anything tech-related, it should come as little surprise that millennials are taking advantage of a variety of high-tech and social media tools that allow them to plow their wealth into the investment vehicles of their choice. They are now leveraging social networking platforms, websites, and mobile apps to do everything from following stock-picking tips to finding financial planners. All it takes is clicks on an app for millennials to review a prospectus, get advice, and even commit funds—and they reward companies that let them do so. Factors such as social responsibility and environmental responsibility also frequently play a crucial role in millennials’ money.With such tools, investors can review their portfolios anytime they desire rather than waiting for quarterly reports to arrive in the mail—and this group takes full advantage. Sixty-one percent of millennials approved of robo-advisors for investing their money.

Millenials are set to inherit 40 trillion dollars in the coming decades,when we compare older generation to millenials they rather invest than spend money,this trend is great,as more and more youth are becoming financially responsible rather than investing just at retirement funds at work.

Millennials have dealt with a lot of economic upheaval in their lives but appear to have a clear focus on saving for the future and getting ready for retirement, although there is some room for improvement. Although individual preparation may vary, as a whole, millennials are focusing on their financial health and creating a solid mix of traditional and alternative investment options.

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