Stop being not rich yet to being rich

Living paycheck to paycheck,even though earning a high salary,is a symptom of bad investing,higher lifestyle choices,regretting decisions,HENRY as coined is a group of millennials who spend most their paycheck monthly on EMI’s,lifestyle and live on a paycheck basis. Uncertain times have shown us it’s no more safe to live on a paycheck basis. Frequent job firings, pandemics, economic downturns could put you in a 3-month paycheck crisis,you are just able to live financially safe for another 3 months.

Quit being a HENRY and start from at least being a moderate investor who is motivated on the longterm goal.Start by putting aside 10-15% of your monthly income on saving and investing it regularly,spend your money on utilities, rent,daily needs only after you save the money

Burning through any size paycheck is not good,without having a plan for the future, versus what you want right now

Still enjoying life,spending appropriately,and thinking of the future and sticking to the plan, there may be unforeseen event which requires a rainy day fund sitting by. This again could have worked out if you planned and invested regularly 

Given the way things are in the global economy, there is no guarantee that the high income will be there forever. Henry should look to spend with his means, have a goal looking forward, and invest regularly to enable Henry to reach this goal.

To some, this may sound a bit dull, but to others, this has the right balance of fun now and investing for later. Which one are you, and which would you like to be?


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