The H.E.N.R.Y syndrome


Are you a millennial group who earns handsome salaries (running into a six-figure amount if not seven) and yet feel constantly broke. They are the perfect examples of ‘Henry’ which is an acronym for “high earner, not yet rich.” This interesting acronym was perhaps invented, and thereby first used, by journalist and editor Shawn Tully in one of his articles for the Fortune magazine.

You earn a higher amount of income but most of your salary goes towards EMI’s and at the end of month you can’t purchase the clothes you wanna have so badly.

For example, two people earning a six-figure salary per month might not be struggling to make their ends meet. One might manage money so well that he might consider himself rich with the same salary, whereas the other might be wondering where did all the money go at the end of the month. According to financial experts, a ‘high-income but still poor’ person is defined by his lifestyle choices or how he decides to spend his life. Such a person tends to live above his means depending mostly on the money he could have easily saved for the future but ends up splurging in the present time. Such habits make them prone to financial constraints and a constant feeling of not having enough money despite earning more than their peers or friends.


Most people of the high-income group can lead their life comfortable without carrying much financial burden, yet they will always be far away from reaching their financial goals. This is where perception comes into play–for someone may suffer from this chronic worry that he should be working hard to earn more despite the fact that he is earning well. Instead of checking his expenses, he takes up more work, earn more and so does his expenses increase.

Make your investments pay off invest like HNI’s (high networth individuals),invest in AIF’s,Invit’s,REIT’s to reduce your burden of taling care of investment and at the same time getting higher returns.The lifestyle choices could be added up by making equal investments which appreciate in due time and make you from not rich yet to Rich!

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